Sinner Cornhole and Star Cornhole are top of the line, professional grade cornhole product manufacturers that produce what we consider some of the best bags and merchandise in the game! Our innovative approach and designs have allowed players to maximize their results through multiple different offerings. We distribute our TCL stamped bags directly through the Texas Cornhole League website and have quickly become one of the most sought-after bag manufacturers throughout all of TCL. These designs include a variety speed ratings and material offerings that fit any style of play desired.

The original founder and co-owner of Sinner Cornhole is former ACL Pro Grant Upchurch. Grant is highly recognized in the cornhole community and considered one of the top players in the country. His accomplishments are numerous, including currently being an ACL World Champion, being an ACL Pro, multiple TCL League, and State Championship titles, has been showcased on ESPN, and many more. Although Grant is very humble, he is a true ambassador for the game he loves. He believes that all of us here at Sinner Cornhole and Star Cornhole can not only enhance your game with the products we provide, but we will also provide world class customer service and support in the process.

Additional co-owners of Sinner Cornhole are the Hodo family. This includes Baron, Lesly, and Ryan who joined the Sinner family in 2022. Baron and Ryan both play competitively and share the love of the game. Through their involvement in the game and traveling to events, they showcase the tremendous relationships developed within the cornhole community while leveraging their knowledge to help grow the Sinner Brand and being ambassadors in the process. Lesly provides incredible support managing the internal business needs, event organization, and design process.

Sinner Cornhole is driven to provide innovative bag offerings such as the Greed, Lust, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Pride, and soon to be released Sloth. These bags are all different in the way they play, however they accommodate any style of throw or board condition. We utilized the seven deadly sins as a theme for this series. All these bags are designed to meet every player’s style and needs to help achieve peak performance in any playing condition. Look for additional bag drops and color designs throughout the year! For example, please check out our recently dropped player edition lines dedicated to showcasing the talents of legends of the game and upcoming top tier talent! Each of these players are a part of the Sinner Family and have a complete line of bags, jerseys, boards, and more dedicated to them as a tribute to what they bring to the game of cornhole!

Star Cornhole is a sister company developed with the up-and-coming high school aged students in mind. That’s why we have decided to use the Star name and logo for this line. These players are the future of the sport and have already made an incredible impact in driving the skill level and popularity of the sport. They are the “Stars” and future “Stars” of the sport, and we couldn’t be more excited about launching this line! No detail or quality has been spared to make sure these individuals have the top-of-the-line products at their fingertips.